Saturday, 12 October 2013

Dig Deep Recommends: Pete Hebert & Dicky Trisco - Disco Brothers (Disco Deviance)

For their 30th release Disco Deviance are back with another essential 12" from Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco.

For me it's all about the B side track 'Disco Brothers' which stretches out one of my all time favourte boogie/disco basslines into a chugging groove to die for. Treating the original track ‘Under The Skin' by The Brothers with total respect.

In The Disco Last Night on the A Side is the the kind of loopy builder that our man Watson is getting a reputation for delivering. I've not managed to spot the original track yet. It's a female vocalist with the lyrics "I went dancing at the disco last night, I saw this guy, i think i saw the light". 15 Trainspotting points if you can name it.

Currently available at Juno Records and all decent record shops.

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