Friday, 11 October 2013

Dig Deep Recommends: Alexander Robotnik vs JAN - Problemes D'Amour (NDATL Muzik)

This Special Edition one sided 12" was released at the Deep Detroit DEMF after party on 29th May 2011 at 1515 Broadway to celebrate the official release of Part 3 in the Music Institute 20th anniversary series.

Limited to 300 vinyl pressings, this multi-coloured marble effect vinyl 12" (mine is purple) features an exclusive JAN retouch/KZR re-edit that is a must have for lovers of deep pulsing house music.

At 8:03 the JAN retouch is nearly twice as long as the 4:40 Kenny Dixon Jr mix that came out as Part 3 of  3 of the Music Institute 20th Anniversary Series.

Aside from the length, the differences between the two versions are quite subtle. The JAN retouch/KZR edit seems to stretch out and strip things back to the groove a bit.  There's more use of that tremendous bassline, less of the guitar and some extra work on the drums. All of which make this mix that bit more club focused and my favourite version of the two.

Currently available again at Juno Records as part of the wave of NDATL 12"s that have come to the surface over the last couple of months.

My advice is to grab a brand spanking new copy now or be prepared to pay £30-£40 for it 2nd hand....

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