Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dig Deep: Getting ready for't Beatherder 300611

With 2011's Beatherder Festival almost upon us, Chris Holt (Four Corners) and Paul Thornton (Dig Deep) got together for a 3.5 hour jam, hit Record, and came up with a mix of funk fuelled tunes to play on the shows this week...

There's some serious bass business, and a couple of tongue in cheek moments amongst the tonne of funk, soul, reaggae, latin, hip hop, broken beat and disco that we got through.

You can catch Chris and Paul playing one deck each at the Beatherder Festival in the Trailer Trash lounge on Sunday evening from 6.30pm - 8pm.  Paul is also playing Saturday 4.30pm - 6pm in between Fraser & Annie.

(PT) Zimande Allstars - Highway Sporo Disco (Soweto Disco)
(CH) DMAC1 - Unknown
(PT) Impeach the president - New definition (Instrumental)
(CH) James Brown - There was a time
(PT) Monaural - Osaka
(CH) Hypnotic Brass Band - Shaft in Africa
(PT) Chicago - Street player
(CH) Enrique Lynch - African Bump
(PT) Pat Les Stache - Kabboogaloo
(CH) Explorations - Party down
(PT) Rahaan - Watermelon man
(CH) ? - Praying for the weak *
(PT) Skull Snaps - My hang up is you
(CH) Inception - Im in love with you
(PT) Raahsaan Ahmed - Sunshine
(CH) ? featuring Sharon Hector - Ain't nobody
(PT) Deadline vs Batacumbele - Batacumbele
(CH) Ele Chavo - Hit the bongo bongolians
(PT) Hector Rivera - I want a chance of romance
(CH) Grand Combo's Boogaloo - El gran combo
(PT) Brazil 70 - Berimau

(PT) Two Loan Swordsmen - Plunge
(PT) Pattern Select - Tale of the tape (COTTAM remix)
(PT) Linkwood - From the vaults part 1

(CH) Mongo Santamaria - Carmela
(PT) Bob & Earl - Harlem shuffle
(CH) ? - Insane in the brain
(PT) Digital Underground - The humpty dance
(CH) J Star - In the ghetto
(PT) Sidewalk Doctor - Women of the ghetto dub
(CH) The Meters - Here comes the meter man
(PT) Nambia - Liberation group
(CH) Round Head - Is life
(CH) Stevie Wonder - You haven't done nothing
(PT) Sarah Vaughan - Inner city blues

Live show - Thursday 30th June 2011
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