Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dig Deep: Beat-Herder Festival Special 160611

Dig Deep Beat-Herder Special with the Trailer Trash crew 160611 by PaulThornton

On this week's show we welcome James Deane, Martin Deane & Kim from Trailer Trash into the studio for what is now our annual chat about the forthcoming Beat-Herder Festival.

With musical vibes aimed at showcasing the varied Trailer Trash sound, an overview of what to expect at this year's festival, and an exclusive 50 minute DJ mix from Kim!

Tracks played:
RSL – The Magic Of Spain (Players)
Dave Hamilton – Marriage Is A State Of Vibes (BGP)
Ray Bryant – Up Above The Rock (Harmless)
Preston Love – Chilli Mac (BGP)
Soul Machine – Bag Of Goodies (Luv N Haight)
Disco Deviance – Hello Herbie (Fatcamp Edit) (Disco Deviance)
Skylevel – Skylevel 1 (Skylevel)
Metro Area – Soft Hoop (Virgin)
Lukatron – Aspect Ratio (Quintessesntials)
Kenny Hawkes – Are N Dee Dub (Luxury Service)
Vakula – Gospel Keyboards (3rd Strike)

Mini Mix DJ: Kim (Trailer Trash)
Masque Edit - Clean It Up (Richard E Edit) (Masque Edit)
Pete Herbert Edit - Berro (Reverso 68 Re-rub) (PH Edits)
Masque Edit - Beeboppers Delight (Masque Edit)
Marcus Mar - Well Alright (?)
Greyship Daviz - This Groove Is On The Loose (My Cousin Roy's Way Past Due mix) (Past Due Germany)
Davis - Nautica EP (D-Edge Brazil)
Johnny Pate - Brothers On The Rub (Mousse T Remix) (?)

The Invaders – Spacing Out (Jazzman)
Liberation Group – Namibia (Studio One)
Herbie Mann – Jungle Fantasy (Harmless)
Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Dark mix) (Curle)

Live show - Thursday 16th June 2011
Repeated - Sunday 19th June 2011
Preston FM

Listen online or tune to 103.2fm

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Trailer Trash Line Up:

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