Thursday, 12 June 2008

Dig Deep Tru Thoughts Special / Free Parking Live

This show comes in two parts. Tru Thoughts Special for Part 1 and Preston Jazz Funk band Free Parking live in Part 2, recorded exclusively for Dig Deep on Preston FM.

Part 1 - Tru Thoughts Special:
The Sub Ensemble - Faster The The Sun (Treble O)
Open Sky Unit - Sunshine Star (Sonar Kollektiv)
Unforscene - 68 On A Third (Tru Thoughts)
Nostalgia 77 feat. Capstone & Lizzy Parks - The Moon (Tru Thoughts)
Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno - Westboun D Train (Tru Thoughts)
Kinny feat. Diesler - Back Street Lust (Tru Thoughts)
Natural Self - The Morning (Tru Thoughts)
Hint - Got A Pulse (Tru Thoughts)
A.D.O.R - One For The Trouble (Mievin Mixtapes)
Goldie - Inner City Life (Baby Boys Remix by Photek) (Mievin Mixtapes)
Dr Freebs - Delicia (Unsigned CD-R)
Mr Scruff feat. Quantic - Donkey Ride (Ninja Tune)
Alex Wilson - Ain't Nobody (Mr Bongo)

Part 2 - Free Parking Recorded Live At The Mad Ferret, Preston, 18th May 2008
Free Parking - On The Beach
Free Parking - So What
Free Parking cover Sonny Rawlins' - Playing In The Yard
Harold Salisbury / Free Parking - Gertrude's Pulse
Free Parking cover Tom Scott's - Tomcat
Jose James - Park Bench People (The Dreamer LP) (Brownswood)

Live Broadcast: Thursday 12th June 2008 7-9pm

Listen online via Tune In Radio or tune to 103.2fm

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