Saturday, 16 April 2016

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio #32 with Sam Pemberton (Dead Horse Gang)

To celebrate 3 years of Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio we have a 2 mixes back to back this Saturday night, plus a sprinkling of new tunes throughout the show.

Kicking off at 7pm, first up we will be taking you back to last year's Beat-Herder Festival with the debut airing of the recording of Paul Thornton and Chris Holt live in Trash Manor.

Then at 9pm we hand over to Sam Pemberton (Dead Horse Gang) for an exclusive hour long set that showcases Sam's exceptional talents on the decks. A true natural, Sam will take you on a journey of choice selections that will run through till 10pm. Sam's mix gets the Dig Deep vibe spot on and features Afro flavours, Latin/tropical grooves, percussive workouts and some newer disco/house edit stuff to boot.

I first heard Sam DJing at Solfest last year and really liked what he played. Then I got the chance to play alongside him at The Open Mind Bar in Carlisle (a Dead Horse Gang event) and was blown away by both his taste in music and his effortless DJ skills - he mixed for ages like a techno DJ whilst cutting up tracks like a pro hip hop turntablist. I asked Sam to do a mix for the show there and then...

Q&A with Sam Pemberton (Dead Horse Gang):

How long have been buying vinyl?
I have been buying records on a regular basis since I left school in 1997.

Are you a selector or a collector?
 I'm both. I'm certainly more of a collector these days. I used to buy vast amounts of House and Techno.  Now I'm a lot more selective with the vinyl I buy. I love mixing records, playing Afro and Disco or being creative with House and Techno. It's all great fun still.

When did you get into DJing and why?
I can say for sure that buying turntables was the single best decision I have ever made. Kam beltdrives!!  Once I reaklised how much fun it was and that I was good at it I was hooked for life.

Who and what are your influences?
Influences.  Good folk, Dj's, promoters with boundless enthusiasm who are clearly in it for the right reasons!!  Djs that surprise me! The Orbit Nightclub was a big part of my life. Detroit Techno! Jeff Mills! Afrofuturism! (yes its a word!) My close friends and anyone who puts me on to new good music. Andrew Wetherall is always great, Ben Sims, Dj Bone. More recently I love the Awesome tapes From Africa stuff. Seven Davis Jr!!. Lumberjacks in Hell record label is just great. Stylus Lancaster crew! I have been attending their party's since last century and I am lucky enough to play with them from time to time. Inspirational. My friends in Carlisle in The Dead Horse Gang, they always make me ask "Whats that track?".

How would you describe your style?
These days I really do play all sorts, it depends on the vibe of the party, I play Afrobeat, Disco, Funk and Soul Music, loads of House music but I really love my Techno. Dark Groovy Twisted Techno!  I like to keep people guessing and there are always a few surprises in my set's.

Where will people have heard you playing?
I am currently part of Carlisle's Dead Horse Gang, I Play records with those guys quite a bit. I'm a resident at Kendal Calling. We used to run the Sauced partys in Kendal which were really good. I play at Solfest most years, I have played Beatherder and Bestival. Clubnights in Carlisle, Kendal.

Do you have any personal highlights you'd like to share?
Personal highlights were throwing our own "Sauced" Party's in Kendal in a restraunt called Acebo. They really were great times and that whole year was just ace! It was a great place to party. Would like to restart those nights if the chance arises.

What have you got coming up next and later in the year?
I'l be guesting for Beatroute and Dirtbox lads on April 30th at The Brickyard in Carlisle. More than likely be playing with Dead Horse Gang through the summer. Thin White Duke in Carlisle. Kendal Calling. Stylus stage at Solfest was highlight of last year, will be doing that again this year! Always looking for somewhere cool to play with real people. Enjoyed doing this mix for Dig Deep and I hope every one enjoys the music.

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Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio
with Sam Pemberton (Dead Horse Gang)
Saturday 16th April 2016

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