Friday, 5 February 2016

Cream Of The Crop - All Killers No Fillers Vinyl Chart

First chart of the year and I can honestly say every one of these records is a gem. Boogie Funk Techno Soul Ethiopian Disco Broken House type thing.

This times number 1 spot goes to the North West's top funk and soul outfit, Templebys. The 7" comes as a double A Side and includes the soul shaker that is 'Good Fight' and the uptempo funk workout 'Funkaphrenic'. Already getting support by the likes of Craig Charles who featured it on his BBC 6 Music radio show in his 'What's Big' in 2016 tips list.

At number 2 we have a reissue of Brenda Harris' out and out disco dancefloor bomb from 1978, 'Making Love Will Keep You Fit'. An 11 and a half minute epic of funk licks, throbbing bass and wonderful horns that is available in both black and blue vinyl.

Number 3 goes to Connie Cases's Miami funk chugger 'Get Down'. Originally released in 1982, the remastered Electro Disco vibe fits in perfectly with the newer stuff I play, whilst 'Flowing Inside' on the flip has a nice Balearic vibe.

Apron Records new signing Shamos snaps up the number 4 slot. It's the deep and twisted groove of 'Training Day' that is doing it most for me, but also check 'Ode To Lynch' and the acid based 'Cranbourne Road' for another couple of winners.

The Melbourne-based Chicagoan Casey Rice aka Designer and Four Tet team up to steal 5th with the edgy arpeggio led 'Mothers' keeping it fresh for the slo-mo deep house and techno crew - this is where experimental electronica meets clubland. Meanwhile B Side track 'Dark' does what it says on the tin whilst piling on the funk to deliver a breakbeat laiden bass track that is as fresh as they come.

And that's just the Top 5. Start the player or follow the links to listen to this month's Top 30 picks.

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