Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio #22 with Old Boy (Dead Horse Gang)

This month we welcome Old Boy aka Doug Chippendale to the Dig Deep Family. One of the North West's up and coming DJ and promoters, his Dead Horse Gang have consistently set the benchmarch for great guests at their events which cover all that's good in the world of music.  At the end of March they welcome chief lumberjack Marcel Vogel and fellow face Ruf Dug to the city.

As we got under starters orders we did a little Q&A type thing to get to know the party loving jockey...

How long have been buying vinyl?
I've been buying records on and off for 15 years.

Are you a selector or a collector?
I guess you could call me a selector who collects random stuff that makes me happy.

When did you get into DJing and why?
I bought my first set of turntables at the tender age of 15. My older sister saved me from happy hardcore and after listening to am old mike c an graham park mix tape I was hooked on house music and have never looked back.

Where do your influences come from?
Along the way I've been influenced by the likes of Yousef, Todd Terry, Lil Louis, MAW, Theo Parrish, Underground Resistance, DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter you get the jist!

Where will people have heard you playing?
Over the past few years I've held a residency at Uber and have played festival's such as Wickerman, Beat-Herder and Solfest. As well as playing up and down the country, Leeds, Cornwall, Newcastle...

What have been the highlights of the last 15 years?
I'd say a few personal highlights have been warming up for Greg Wilson, Crazy P, Krysko, The Unabombers, and playing the same bills as Groove Armada, Sasha, Derrick Carter, Sneak and Yousef.

How would you describe your style?
I just like playing good honest music. If it makes me jump around or get emotional when I first hear it I want others to experience what I've just felt from that certain track. I never plan sets, I just go with the flow.

Tell us about Dead Horse Gang?
I put together the Dead Horse Gang cause we've ran nights up here in Carlisle to different degrees of success. Over the years, at other nights I have been involved with, we've had the likes of Andy Votel, Gas Lamp Killer, DJ Format and the Unabombers to name a few. I always wanted to bring a sound to the city that I feel needed to be heard. However it's a struggle trying to educate people away from what's popular. So I hung up my promoting hat a few years ago but just couldn't give in. So Dead Horse was born. Hence like flogging a dead horse. The gang is made up of 78 Edits, Sam Pemberton, Tim Hamblin, Mike Yates, Mike Boorman and Tim Forester, and recent guests include Harri n Domenic. We're steadily getting a trot on and people seem to dig what we do at last.  On March 28th we have Marcel Vogel and Ruf Dug doing a 4 hour back to back set!

What have you got coming up next and later in the year?
You can catch myself and various members of the gang playing up an down the country this year. We've got Beat-Herder and Solfest coming up.

Where can people check you out online?
All details of gigs will be on the Dead Horse Gang facebook group: -

Don't miss this chance to check out Old Boy in the mix. Catch it first exclusively on Cowbell Radio...

Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio
with Old Boy (Dead Horse Gang)
Saturday 21st March 2015

Oscar Brown Jnr - A Dime Away From A Hotdog
Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation
Darondo - Such A Night
Marvin Gaye - "T" Plays It Cool
Brother Jack Mc Duff - "Obligheto" (J Dilla)
Status Quo (Joey Negro edit)byDonald Banks
Floating Points - Love Me Like This (Radio version)
The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt (Tom Moulton remix)
BT (Brenda Taylor) - You Can't Have Your Cake & Eat It Too
Chez Damier - Why (D's Deep mix)
Ksoul & Muteoscilator - Detrance
Theo Parrish - Soul Control
Harvey Sutherland - Bamboo
Mango - Lead
Wish - Touch Me (All Night Long) (feat Fonda Rae - original 12" mix)
Bosq - Comin' Back
Logg - Dancing Into The Stars (John Morales remix)
Spotters Corner - Something on KPM

Mini-Mix DJ: Old Boy (Dead Horse Gang)
Black Science Orchestra - City Of Brotherly Love
Ron Trent -  Pop Dip And Spin
Frank Booker - Moving On
Mark E - Ray Gun
Fluke - Tosh (Fila Brazillia)
UR - Transition (acapella)
Move D - To The Disco
Ricardo Miranda - Urbanism
KLR - Machine Code
Paranoid London - Transmission
Sound Stream - Love Jam
Deep Space Orchestra - Ghetto Science Institute
Kraftwerk - Expo (Rolando)

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