Thursday, 6 November 2014

Dig Deep Recommends: Theo Parrish - American Intelligence LP

The new American Intelligence LP from Theo Parrish sounds ace!

As you would expect, the hugely anticipated follow up to Sound Sculptures Volume 1 is not just a collection of dance tracks. The 3 x 12" gatefold album covers all bases from hypnotic afro grooves, jazz soaked slo-mo, dark techno, rhythmic percussion and MPC funk.

Predominantly pure gold from Theo, the only really off the wall track is Helmut Lampshade which I can only describe as Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock on speed playing live on a bouncy castle in space.

The double CD version comes with extra tracks including the brilliant Thug Irony. Personally I would rather have had that on the vinyl instead of Helmut Lampshade, so I am hoping Thug Irony is planned for a future single.

Check the LP out and see for yourself. If you don't feel it you must be dead inside ;)

3 x Vinyl version

2 x CD version

Expected to be released sometime between 1st and 15th of December 2014, some shops are taking pre-orders whilst Juno seems to have kept their prices low and have it in stock already.

Piccadilly Records - 3 x 12" £41.99
Piccadilly Records - 2 x CD £29.99

Phonica Records - 3 x 12" £42.98
Phonica Records - 2 x CD £30.98

Juno Records - 3 x 12" £36.99
Juno Records - 2 x CD £25.99

Juno Records latest campaign

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