Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dig Deep with DJ Izrail Dizko & Voc Walters (Tradition / Chicago)

Nearing the end of an era. I have only got 2 more Dig Deep On Preston FM's to do, including tonight's show. I've been with the station since the early days of 2006. During the last 8 years I been lucky enough to work with a lot of fantastic guest DJs, selectors, music heads, artists and promoters from around the world; many of which I now count as true friends

For me it's always been about digging deep into other people's record collections and discovering the gems that are loved by others but are new to me. And that's been far more educational than school ever was!! I always say people can't like music they don't get to hear, so as a radio presenter it's been an honour and a privilege to be in a position where I can broadcast 2 hours of fresh and different tracks on each and every show.

So for my last 2 shows at Preston FM I am handing the Dig Deep turntables over to the guests for the full 2 hours with only minimal chatter from me. It's all about the music, and is a chance to hear 2 great DJs in action that you may not have had the chance to hear otherwise....

Tonight's show comes from Dig Deep Chicago Family members Voc Walters and Izrail Dizko. And to make this a even more special, it's Izrail's birthday today and he has put together another of his far reaching throw downs that will make you jack as only he can. Voc's set is a winner too and features that lovely deep soulful trademark sound of his as he plays tracks from the likes of David Macias Cratebug, Onsunlade, Karizma, DJ Spinna, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Cajmere, Gene Farris etc.

Regular listeners fear not though, Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio continues to go from strength to strength and I will still be bringing you 3 hours of the best music each month on what is fast becoming the North West's finest station for the music we love.

A massive thanks to everyone that has been involved in Dig Deep on Preston FM over the years - be that as a listener or as a contributor. Thursday night's wouldn't have been the same without you xxx.

Dig Deep On Preston FM
with DJ Izrail Dizko & Voc Walters (Tradition / Chicago)

Live Broadcast: Thursday 29th May 2014 | 8-10pm
Repeated: Sunday 1st June 2014 | 5-7pm

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