Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio # 3 with John Morales (NYC) & Nick Street (Bommynite)

On this month's Cowbell Radio double header, we are truly honored to be joined by two all round selectors from the land of disco, boogie and soulful house.

We have world renowned Producer and DJ John Morales live in the mini-mix - it's a Cowbell exclusive recorded  in Dubai last month.

Plus DJ and promoter Nick Street will be dropping by to play 5 of his favourite records, as well as having a chat about what he's been up to over the last few months - no doubt he will have some tales of his globe trotting capers supporting the man.

John Morales
If you don't know who John Morales is, let's just say as a producer he has worked with some of the all time greats; Jocelyn Brown, First Choice, Inner Life, Teddy Pendergrass, Candi Staton, Loletta Holloway, Skyy, Universal Robot Band, War, The Fatback Band, Salsoul Orchestra, Logg & Brass Construction.

John has been DJing since the 70s; in the early days he played at the Stardust Ballroom (where a young Jellybean Benitez had worked) and Studio 54.  After a break from djing, John returned to the scene in true style doing the Paradise Garage Tour, Southport Weekender and Horse & Groom, whilst not forgetting a little club night in Preston called Itch vs Phreak.  John's reputation as a true legend of the disco scene is cemented with each set. More information.

"In music, and especially in underground music, the word 'legend' is thrown around to the point where it loses all meaning. What is a legend? It's someone who broke the mold - someone whose sounds, techniques - even his style - changed things forever. It's a pioneer that everyone who followed after emulated, whether consciously or not. In dance music, the person you're talking about is John Morales".

Nick Street
Nick Street aka Nick The Greek is one of those guys that just gets on with it (the same is easily said about John Morales).  Nick clearly loves his music and he has amassed an immense knowledge of disco and soulful house through the records he has been collecting for 20+ years.  But digging deeper into his music career unveils a CV that most would be very proud of.

Nick cut his teeth promoting and DJing at events in the North West. Back in 2004 he was putting on parties with the likes of Jesse Saunders. 2006 highlights include Andy Ash. In 2007 line ups included Jerome Derradji (Still Music), Aim, Broke N English, Jon K, Konny Kon & Kwasi. In 2008 and 2009 he introduced Liverpool to Domu and DJ Romain (Brooklyn). And that's just to name drop a few.

Fast forward to 2013 and Nick's Bommynite Music Management company represents John Morales, Andy Compton (Rurals), German Afrobeat outfit Pax Nicholas And The Nettey Family and Blakkat (Shaboom).

Nick is also a keen journalist and has worked for the BBC many times over the years as well as interviewing Al Kent for

So here we are set for another 3 hour session between 7 and 10pm blasting out worldwide on Cowbell Radio; PT's at the controls and he will be digging in the crates of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, latin, brazilian, afrobeat, down tempo grooves, disco, boogie, deep house, broken beat, techno and everything in between.

John Morales links:

Nick Street links:
Bommynite Music Management

Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio
Saturday 15th June 2013

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