Sunday, 11 November 2012

Itch Mix DJ Series

As the 10 year birthday of Preston based club night Itch gets ever closer (March 2013), we thought it was about time that we pulled all the Itch mixes together and put them online in one place.

Spanning 2003 to date, these mixes give a taster of how the club nights sound has changed over the years whilst reminding us of some of the great music that the ever faithful crowd has danced to in venues all over the city...

We will be uploading one mix/CD a day until we're done and we hope to get them all up in the next month.

Big up to everyone that ever came to party with us, a massive shout to the itch crew for all their help over the years (you know who you are x) and much respect to all the DJs that have come down to the club and played ace sets.

The Itch mixes series started with short promo mixes from the resident dj's and special guests that played at the club night since 2003.  Initially coming as two parts designed to fit onto one CD wrapped in cottage industry produced artwork by Karl Yates. This was before the times of online mixes and the original CDs are now coveted collectibles.

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