Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dig Deep with John Tree (The Perfumed Garden) 230212

On this week's show we are very pleased to welcome DJ, percussionist and occasional producer John Tree into the studio for a chat and an exclusive mix-down.  Let's face it, anyone that gets their very own bespoke Beat-Herder flower pot is alright by us...

Djing since 1991, John's early sets were very eclectic as his love for music held no bounds and he often clashed styles purposefully.  John has since streamlined his selections, focussing on the places where dance music and world music meet, effortlessly combining Brazilian, Jamaican, African, Tech/Deep House, Bass and Electro Swing.

Resident at Solfest's Lovely Dogs in Space since 2008, and co-founder and resident at Blackpool's Fusion Fridays from 2007-2010, his growing roster of other festivals includes Garden Of Delights, Blackburn Mela, Exodus, Showzam, Arts in the Park, Free Rotation, Bearded Theory, Alchemy; John is possibly best known for organising the Perfumed Garden stage at the mighty Beat-Herder Festival!

Describing the tunes he has lined up for the mini-mix as "mainly latin, cumbia, electro swing, and moombahton" it's safe to say we are expecting somethings fresh and sometimes heavy from John's set that is sure to fit in with our eclectic tastes.

Plus PT's dug deep and come up with a box full of Latinesque tunes, both old and new, aimed at fusing the cracks between Detroit, Panama, Cuba, Italy, London, Germany and Africa.

NSM presents - DJ Power (Use It) (Jazzy Sport)
Johnny Bias - Picadillo (Carl Craig extended version) (Ubiquity)
Los Exagerados - Panama Esta Bueno Y Ma (Soundway)
Henry Fiol - Tiene Sabor (Honest Johns)
Bossa Tazz Trio - Vamous Embora Uau (Farout)
Monguito Santamaria - Todo Es Todo (Fania)
Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan (Caliente)
Sabrina Malheriros - Passa (Quantic remix) (Farout)
Big Bang - To The Full Every Minute Instrumental) (Arison)
Lance Livre - Soul Circuit remix (Farout)
Francesco Tristano - The Melody (Francesco Tristano remix) (In Fine)

Mini-Mix DJ: John Tree
Max Harris - Gurney Slade
Mexican Institute Of Sound - Bienvenidos A Mi Disco
Nicolas Repac - Swinging In The Rain
Kormac - Wash My Hands
Puta - Masquenada Family (Blade Remix)
Steve Perry & Zauman - Brass Floor
Tom Sawyer - Eh Mama
Trentemolle - Sunstroke

Check out John's mix and others at

John Tree's forthcoming gigs in 2012:
Friday 2nd March (Speakeasy night The Breck Club, Poulton)
Friday 30th March (Perfumed Garden Night, Hende Hall, Bangor)
Friday 13th April (Speakeasy night, The Breck Club, Poulton)
Weekend of 18, 19, 20 May (Bearded Theory Festival)
Weekend of 1, 2, 3 June (Kaya Festival TBC)
Weekend of 29, 30 June, 1st July (Beat-Herder Festival)
Weekend of 24, 25, 26th August (Solfest)
Weekend of 21, 22, 23 September (Alchemy Festival TBC)

Live: Thursday 23rd February 2012
Repeated: Sunday 26th February 2012
Preston FM
Listen online here or tune to 103.2fm

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