Friday, 20 January 2012

2011 Top 30 Chart

Some might say mid January is a little late for an end of year chart, however some might argue good things come to those that wait.  Here's Paul Thornton's Top 30 from 2011...

30 - Social Disco Club - SDC Shows Ya (American Standard)

Right at the start of the year, SDC dropped a beautiful reworking of MJ.

29 - East Park Reggae Collective - Love Radar (First Word)

The Leeds based record label delivered one of the most catchy reggae tunes I heard all year.

28 - Submotion Orchestra - Always (Synkro remix) (First Word)

The original mix is definately worth checking but it was the dubtech stylings of Synkro that stood out for me.

27 - Andre Lodeman - Piece Of Mind (We Get By With A Little Help / House Is The Cure)

House music at it's most subterranean from one of my favourite producers.

26 - Wuss & Lame - Used To Hold Me (W&L Edits)

Wolf & Lamb's edit of Thelma Houston was the winner for me on this 4 tracker.

25 - 78 Edits - Been A Long Time (Giant Cuts)
'Been a Long Time EP' OUT NOW (vinyl) on Original Cuts by 78 Edits

Breathtaking strings on the title track, but each cut is a winner.  This guy's production reminds me of early Jaydee.

24 - Various Artists - Music Institute 20th Anniversary Volume 3 (NDTAL Muzik)

It's Kenny Dixon Jr's mix of Alexander Robotnick - Problemes D'Amour that turned most heads but don't miss the mysterious Track 4 on the flipside. 

23 - Daniel Solar - A Walk In The Dark (The Revenge remix) (Dikso)

Another prolific record label. The Revenge pipped Pionel to the post for best remix...

22 - Linkwood - Secret Value (Shevchenko)

I played the A side on the End Of Year Throwdown show and Cottam has it in his chart.  So here's the B side which is an equal killer.  Check the bassline...

21 - Mr Raoul K - African (Kuniyuki remix) (Mule Music)

Mr Raoul K first blew my head off in 2008 with 'Le Cercle Peul'.  Here we get a haunting vocal cut that bridges tradition with techno.

20 - Alex Agore - Improper Change (No Matter What)

Loving the vocal sample on this deep floor worker.  Check the Rick Wade remix of James Johnston too.

19 - Vakula - Gospel keyboards (3rd Strike)

Probably the most out there producer of 2011, this guy dropped a tonne of gems on us.  Here he fuses latin jazz keys & house with startling results.

18 - Owiny Sigoma Band - Wires (Theo Parrish remix) (Brownswood)

A wicked reworking by the Sound Signature main man - afro vibes fused with some Detroitian hi hats and given the TP tweak.  The Quantic Dub is fierce too.

17 - Weekend Express - Going to Chicago (Still love for music)

Huge track for me, and much played by Cottam.  2 out of 3 Paul's make that a majority vote winner :)

16 - Adonis - No Way Back (Greg Wilson edit) (Trax)

All time classic acid house record gets the 2011 update treatment from GW.

15 - Andre Tanker - River Come Down (Sound Way)
Andre Tanker - 'River Come Down' Medley by Soundway

Great percussive shimmy maker that I had lined up for festival season, but thankfully it wasn't needed.  This medley is the closest I could find to the 7" version.

14 - ZEPP001 - Dearly Beloved (DJ Nature remix) (Delusions Of Granduer)

DOG is one of my favourite labels, DJ Nature drops one of his best on this deep piece of head music that slowly creeps up behind you then smacks you round the face with its brilliance.

13 - Suonho - The Ghetto (AK Records)
The Ghetto by suonho

Italy based label treating the Donny Hathaway classic with respect, nice little Quicy Jones edit on the flip too.

12 - David Joseph - Late Night (Lonesome Hero)

Porbably not the David Joseph you're thinking.  Ace deep as you like reworking of Marvin Gaye.  It's all about the groove on this one.

11 - Tall Black Guy Productions - I Wanna Play Sumthin For You (

A new discovery for me in 2011, Tall Black Guy Productions takes John Coltrane's In A Sentimental Mood to a darker place.  THIS is real hip hop.  Download the LP for Free at

10 - 78 Edits - I'll be True (7 Sins)

This really nice and phat produced 7" was the first thing I heard from this ace new artist from Edinburgh, who it seems had quite a prolific year.  Check more on Soundcloud.

9  - Leftside Wobble - Ain't No Love Lost (Cosmic Boogie)

Killer re-edit of Patti Jo's 1975 bomb, that phattens things up whilst treating the original with respect.  The Leftside Wobble track on the other side is great too.

8 - Cliff Richard - Ease Along (Paul Watson's Itch Dub) (White)

Finally released in December on a limited picture disc, which sold out by January, hitting the number one spot in Juno's Best Sellers of the week.  Paul Watson's debut 12" gets better and better with each play, as the intricacies of the edit slowly work their way into your subconscious.  Keep your eye out for this guy in 2012.  Oh and there's a more stripped back Cottam remix on the flip ;)

7 - Legacy - Word Up (Unknown re-editer) (White)

My most played re-edit of the year.  It's a rare 1, so rare I can't find the edit anywhere.  White label 12".  Here's the orginal to give you a taster.

6 - Macka B - Our Music (Necessary Mayhem)

Perfect records don't come around that often, but this is one of them.  Dedicated to everyone that came down to the Itch Secret Party over the summer, you know which one, and why...

5 - Memory Man - Ill Be There For Carolyn Pro (Small World Disco)

Probably my most played 12" of the year.  Hammering this since the summer and still can't get enough of it.

4 - Cottam - Sunrise Sunset (Use Of Weapons)

A slo-mo epic of grand proportions, this snakes it's way through a  10 minute voyage and sounds great as the sun drops onto the horizon.

3 - Todd Terge - Ragysh (Running Back)

As chunky as they come, this was one of THE hugest club tracks of the year.

2 - Cottam - Deep Deep Down (Aus Music)

Another future acid house classic from Cottam, it does not get much deeper than this and watch that low end.  Twang on the flip is also a favourite.

1 - Femi Kuti - You Better Ask Yourself (Jose Marquez remix) (Basic Fingers)

Killer remix of Fela's oldest son Femi Kuti.  A brilliant fusion of afrobeat and house with ace vocals, this has everything for me.  Thanks to Cottam for putting me on this!

And finally the one that got away...

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