Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dig Deep with DJ Izrail #1 (Chicago)

On this weeks show we have Chicago based DJ Izrail in the mini-mix, plus a wedge of my favourite house tracks from Chicago's rich history.

DJ Izrail has been a student and a follower of the legendary Lil Louis since 1987. Before that, in 1985, he started doing pause mixes on cassette tapes trying to mimic Farley Jackmaster Funk from the original Hot Mix Five on WBMX. That year Izail’s parents bought him his first pair of turntables.

At age 15 he was opening parties for Dave Merritt & Vinny Divine at various club house parties. These gigs opened the door for DJ Izrail to spin at many of the house music parties at Main Street roller rink...

Around the same time DJ Izrail started mixing on WDGC FM (a high school radio station). Since then Izrail has played on numerous FM Radio stations and at numerous night clubs in the city of Chicago. In 1998 he started featuring his mixes on

In 2000 DJ Izrail started djing outside of Chicago. One of the livest spots he has played at is the Queen Night Club in Paris ‘Respect Is Burning’. He has also done a mix for Nova Radio in France, played at Belgium’s ‘Fame sucks’, and did a live mix for the city’s Studio Brussel.

Now it’s the UK’s turn to get the DJ Izrail treatment and we are honoured to bring you an exclusive set that epitomizes the true spirit of ‘house’. Tapers be ready, this mix is speshal!

Liz Torres - Can't get enough (State Street) 1987
Dionne - Come and get my lovin (Big Shot) 1988
Richie Rich - Salsa House (FFRR) 1989
Ron Hardy - Sensation dub (Trax) 1985
Mr Fingers - Can you feel it (Trax) 1986
Boo Williams - Beating the rock (Attic Space) 2004
DJ Sneak - High (Cajual) 1996
DJ Pierre - Peace: Live in it or rest in it (Strictly Rhythm) 1995
Lou 2 (Little Louie Vega & Lil Louis) - Freaky (Strictly Rhythm) 1995
Adonis - No way back (Greg Wilson edit) (Harmless) 2011

Mini-Mix DJ Izrail (Chicago)
Restricted playlist - check the repeat if you missed it!
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Glenn Underground - Detroitism (Cajual) 1995
Gemini - If you gotta believe in something (MTT Music / Cajual) 1995
Phuture - Acid Trax (Trax) 1987
Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder (DJ International) 1988
Green Velvet - The Preacher Man Relief (1994)

Live: Thursday 1st December 2011
Repeated: Sunday 4th December 2011
Preston FM
Listen online here or tune to 103.2fm

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