Sunday, 17 April 2011

Dig Deep vs Four Corners 030311

Dig Deep vs Four Corners 030311 by digdeepradioshow

This is what happened when Paul Thornton (Dig Deep) and Chris Holt (Four Corners) got together to do a joint show....

Andres - That what it is (Mahogani)
Moses Dillard - Tribute to Wes (Ubiquity)
Peter Brown - Do you wanna get funky (TK Records)
Alien Trick - Backed up against the wall (Smallworld Disco)
Love Unlimited Orchestra - Midnight Groove (PYE)
The Blacksouls - Baki Mutane Nakuka (BBE)
Chico Mann - Who you runnin from (Quantic remix) (Kindred Spirits)
Disco Deviance - You know how I feel (Social Disco Dub) (Disco Deviance)
Gimmick Bros - Anabacoa (Resense)
Michael Jackson - SDC Show ya (American Standard)
Bina Ehsd - Hudis blue (?)
James Reese & The Progressions - Jodys freeze (Jazzman)
Salena Jones - Right now (?)
Cunningham - Changing (?)
Irene Kal - Going to California (Luv N Haight)
Rose Royce - First come first served (?)
Avolonto Howore - Na mi do gbe hue ,u (?)
Sonny Okusun Odenigbo - Benin City Grooves (Sofrito)
Omas - What youre looking for (Hear no evil)
Martyn - Natural selection (2562 Pure Nature Dub)
Mungo's Hifi - Drunken master (?)
Brassroots - Karma Police (?)
The Pepperpots - Its true (Inlace Funk)
James Brown - If you dont give a dog 1 about it (edit) (?)
Leo Carvello - Smoke (Dolphi)
The Slickers - Feeling high (?)

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