Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dig Deep On Cowbell Radio #29 with Phil Austin (aka Left For Love)

This month we get underway by introducing an up and coming DJ and pure music head from the North West UK.

A sucker for a good re-edit or rework of classic Soul, Funk, Disco and occasionally House tunes; a decent groove and a pulsing bassline are a must for Phil Austin (aka Left for Love).

His DJ sets are a heady fusion of classic and modern dance tunes with a strong leaning towards the soulful and funky. The emphasis is always on the dance floor with pulsating basslines, killer keys, rasping horns and soaring vocals, all lovingly laid over a foot shuffling back beat.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Dig Deep Mix Series - #2 Mark Grusane

Over the years, whilst doing the Dig Deep Radio Show, I have been lucky enough to feature some fantastic and often exclusive mini-mixes from some of the world's most respected DJs and selectors.

Presenting 3 hours a month of radio is great fun, but sometimes you just want the music straight up. That's where the new Dig Deep Mix Series comes in - pure undiluted music from a different guest DJ each time. For DDMS#2 I am honoured to present a mix from seasoned crate digger Mark Grusane...

The more I learn about Mark Grusane's history the more I realise how much I don't know. It turns out, what I did know is only the tip of the iceberg.

A pioneer of underground disco and boogie, in his time running the legendary Mr. Peabody's record shop in Chicago, Mark probably handled and heard every disco record that was ever produced in the USA. Knowledge he put to good use when compiling the Night Drive Vol.1 A Journey Into EP and the Real Sound Of Chicago LPs for BBE Records.

Delve a bit deeper into his history and his understated love of digging for and cutting modern soul bangers onto vinyl becomes ever more self-evident. Over the last 10 years Mark has released tracks on Canadian disco re-edit labels Truth Is Light and Spacedust , put out 3 EPs on CG Records Inc, and a deep houser on Amsterdam's Rush Hour.