Saturday, 31 January 2015

Cream Of The Crop - January 2015 Vinyl Chart

Latest additions to the box... brand new // retro // live // electronic. 4  x 10" slabs of J Dilla beats from the SP-1200 Batches box set occupy the top 5. Check the short review for more information and links.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Dig Deep Recommends: J Dilla - Beats Batches

Yancey Media Group over in the US just sneaked out 4 x 10"s of J Dilla's Beats. Taken from the SP-1200 Batches, with 10 beats per record for generally less than £15 each, these are getting snapped up quickly. The were originally released in the limited edition SP-1200 box set which included different artwork, a cassette and floppy disc.

From the opening intro of his "instruction type manual type shit" on Batch 1 you know this is another essential piece of Dilla history choc full of unheard Jaydee grooves.

Not just filler scraps off the cutting room floor, each of the 4 Beats Batches have 2 or 3 tracks on them that will have any die hard Dilla fan bobbing their head immediately.