Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dig Deep with the Boogizm crew #2 260112

Dig Deep with Boogizm 2 - 260112 by pauldigdeep

On tonight's show we welcome back the Boogizm resident DJs Tom Ireland and Tom Boogizm.  Expect an eclectic blend of sweet club music as we let them loose on the decks for and hour and a half.  They bring with them the Preston based club nights 3rd resident DJ, Reggy Booth aka DJ Philadelphia...

We gave you the low down on Tom and Tom back in November, so here's a little bit about Reggy from Tom B... "Reggy's been dj'ing since he was 17 (that's 19yrs).  He's one of the original Wigan house heads.  Put loads of party's on in Berlin with his mate Ben Keeley, they call themselves S9. And he's proper soft ;)"

Friday, 20 January 2012

2011 Top 30 Chart

Some might say mid January is a little late for an end of year chart, however some might argue good things come to those that wait.  Here's Paul Thornton's Top 30 from 2011...

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dig Deep with Paul Thornton 120112

The first Dig Deep show of 2012 comes in the form of a PT take over for the full two hours.

Fresh from a new year's dig in the man den, expect a little journey from Pete Rock to Cottam and Marcellous Pittman via Freddie Hubbard, Lonnie Smith and Billy Ocean (kid you not). Plus a mini mix at 9pm followed by the usual club tips gig guide.