Thursday, 19 February 2009

Dig Deep Nu Funk vs Old Funk / Paul Thornton Live at The Beat-Herder Festival

On Part 1 of this weeks show we explore the forthcoming Azaxx - The Exotic Delight Day LP on Tru Thoughts. We get under way with a some future hip hop from ONRA and play new cuts from Stonephace, Diesler, and Laura Vane & The Vipertones.

Check Part 2 for this week's mini-mix featuring the first half of Paul's live at the Beatherder Festival 2008 set, recorded live in the Trailer Trash Lounge on the Saturday night. Plus there's some beaty funk breaks from Ruckus Roboticus, a funk classic by Lancaster Kiwanis Steel Band, and Dixon's deep edit of Ane Brun.


Thursday, 5 February 2009

Dig Deep explores Socialized Jazz Beats / Paul Thornton (Itch mix vol 4 part 1)

On Part 1 of  this week's show we explore the new Socialized Jazz Beats LP on Social Beats out of the Netherlands, alongside some future beats and classic soul.

Check part 2 for a funky Itch mix by Paul in the mini-mix (Itch mix vol 4 part 1).  Plus a feature 'Exploring the DJ Marky compilation' on BBE and there's a good wedge from Tru Thoughts and Ninja Tune. One for the beat heads.