Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dig Deep with Dave D'Master Merritt (No Name) #3 230813

On this week's show we are honoured to welcome back legendary producer and DJ Dave D'Master Merritt for his 3rd Dig Deep mix.

Dave has been producing tracks since the late 80s, and his group 'No Name' was at the forefront of house from the off.  If you are not already in the know, a quick gander at the write up for the show back in July 2012 featuring Dave's first mix will give you a crash course in the gems he has worked on to date.

Dave has put together an exclusive birthday mix for us to celebrate his special day.  As is tradition now from the Chicago Dig Deep Family DJs, the mix is a mash up of many styles that reflect the true 'House' sound of the Windy City.

Trainspotters, tapers, house veterans and disco divas be ready, this mix is special.

August 24th is Dave's Official Birthday Party, taking place at The Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago.  Dave will be spinning along side Al 'Hot Mix' Holmes, Derek Jones, Bruce Ivery and head of the Chicago Dig Deep Family and close friend DJ Izrail.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Cream Of The Crop - August 2013 Chart

This month's chart is ram jam full of some new and serious deepness.  Ksoul & Muteoscilator take the top spot with their deep house 3 tracker 'Soul Hell' whilst Steven Tang takes Album Of The Month with his Disconnect To Connect LP....


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Dig Deep on Cowbell #4 with Boo Williams (Strictly Jaz Unit)

The 3rd Saturday of the month sees the return of Dig Deep on Cowbell Radio for another 3 hour throwdown of all that's right in the world of music.

Our first 3 guests on Cowbell (Diesler, Fraser and John Morales) set the bar high... for #4 I am honoured to have Boo Williams back on the show with his 2nd mix.

As a producer Boo is up there with the original leaders on the Chicago scene. He's time served and has been part of the city's house music entourage since 1981.

A quick look at his profile on Discogs gives a feel for this guys prolific output - Boo has been dropping Chi-Town bombs since 1994 on record labels such as Relief, DJ-Upbeats, Moods and Grooves and Guidance to name just a few. With a raft of aliases and connections such as SJU Muzik / Strictly Jaz Unit, Boo is still very much an active producer.

In 2012 just one of his highlights was the Moving Rivers 12" excellent Rush Hour label. In 2013 things have stepped up a gear again; his Crying Black Man 12" flew off the shelves in June and the Cosmic Teck 12" is currently doing the rounds.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dig Deep with Voc Walters #2 (Chicago) 080813

On this week's show we bring you another exclusive one hour set from Chicago based DJ and all round nice guy Voc Walters.  It's Voc's 2nd mix for the show and it's a non stop dance off!!

Voc does big room house music in the way that many attempt but few perfect. His relentless sets come soaked in disco music's sweet vocals and basslines whilst morphing together soulful garage and the darker but funky sound of chicago.

Voc first started spinning records at the age of 12. Growing up on the south side of Chicago provided him with many influences such as the Hot Mix 5, Pharris Thomas, Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Lil Louis & Steve Hurley.

Voc made a few appearances on the big stage early on. Those appearances included the Ascot Hotel and The Hyde Park Racketball Club in Chicago, and a guest appearance on WKKC Chicago in the 80's. These appearances were along side the likes of Mr. Gene Hunt, Tyree Cooper, Pharris Thomas and Lloyd Dev just to name a few...