Monday, 23 July 2012

Dig Deep with Dave D'Master Merritt (Chicago) 260712

On this week's show we are honoured to broadcast an exclusive 1 hour DJ mix by legendary Chicago based producer & DJ Dave D'Master Merritt.

Producing tracks since the late 80s, Dave's group 'No Name' was at the forefront of house from the off. No Name's biggest hit, Jason's Revenge on House Nation Records, came out in 1986. 1987 saw the release of No Name's Hypnotic House.

In 1988 Dave produced Love Traxs by Shawn Shegog featuring Barbara Shegog.  A serious piece of music from house's rich history, and a track that still sounds fierce some 24 years later!  It's hard to imagine how fresh this sounded back in the day. The original vinyl shifts for a fair few $$$ these days.  In 1988 Dave also wrote the bassline for Mark Imperial's The Love I Lost.  An awe inspiring classic vocal house cut with a low end to die for.

In 1989 Living In The Dark Side was released featuring Shawn Shegog - another dirty acid house track that has Warehouse vibes written all over it.

Dave is also a veteran house DJ, playing alongside Vinny Divine in the early days, and had a large influence on the younger DJs in the windy city, opening the doors into clubland for the likes of DJ Izrail.

As well as helping to change the face of dance music forever, Dave is still active on the DJ scene and regularly broadcasts mixes on alongside K. Alexi Shelby, Voc Walters, Boo Williams, Terry Hunter and head honcho Lloyd Dev.

To say this man is connected is an understatement. Salute!!

PT took a big box of disco, boogie and house in the studio. Here's what came out...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dig Deep with Veilo (Tectonic) 120712

This week we're on a bit of a techno tip as we welcome Chris McNally aka Veilo into the studio.  He comes armed with a wedge of self produced tracks, and we will be having a chat to the man about his work, his inspirations and the upcoming Loopfest event.

Here's a little intro... Chris is a bit ambitious when it comes to music.  It all started at an open night at high school where he saw a person playing the drums.  Inspired, Chris took upon myself to learn and practised all the time.  As he got older he started getting into dance music.  He started mcing to Maximes (one of the legendary Wigan rave clubs) style music.

As did many an old school raver, Chris eventually grew out of it and moved on.  He met a man called Dan Moorcroft who introduced him to techno.  Chris started making his own techno tracks with a computer programme, under the guise of Veilo, and again practised and listened all the time.  And even now Chris never stops thinking about how to better his musical inspirations...

A fond lover of his beats, bleeps and basslines - the sound of Veilo sits somewhere between the darker shades of techno, dubstep and electro where minimal 4/4 soundscapes meet head noddin electronica.